Sostoi Stadion

Key facts

Club: Videoton FC | Opening: 1967 | Capacity: 14,185 seats

History and description

Videoton had already played intermittently at the site of Sostoi Stadion when they in 1963 decided to build a proper ground on the site. Previously they had been playing at a stadium at Berenyi Street.

Construction of Sostoi Stadion started in 1963 and was completed four years later. The stadium officially opened on 30 September 1967 with a friendly versus East-German side Erfurt.

The stadium back then was oval shaped, had an athletics track circling the pitch, and consisted mainly of open terraces, which got further expanded in the mid 1970s.

Sostoi Stadion underwent its next redevelopment in 2002 when the old main stand got demolished and replaced by a new one with corporate facilities, which opened in 2004.

In the 2000s, the stadium was part of several bids of Hungary to host the European Championships, which would have raised capacity to over 30,0000, but all bids failed.

Sostoi Stadion got converted into an all-seater in 2010, reducing capacity to just over 14,000 seats.

Despite the construction of the new main stand, the stadium still proved inadequate for modern day football, and the club therefore decided to rebuild the rest of the stadium. The main stand would remain standing, but at the same time receive an extensive refurbishment.

Demolition of the old stands started in December 2015, and Videoton moved out to the Pancho Arena. The new stadium was expected to be completed in the summer of 2017, but delays have pushed this back to a likely completion date in 2018.

(images of the new Sostoi Stadion below)

How to get to Sostoi Stadion

Sostoi Stadion is located in the south of the city of Székesfehérvár, at about 1.5 kilometres from the main railway station and Szekesfehervar’s small city centre. The walk to the stadium will take 20 minutes at most.

There is very frequent train service to Szekesfehervar from Budapest-Deli railway station as well as from Siofok on Lake Balaton. The journey from Budapest takes 60 to 75 minutes, whereas that from Siofok takes less than an hour.

Address: Csíkvári u. 10., 8000 Székesfehérvár

Videoton Tickets

While a new stadium gets built in place of the old Sostoi Stadion, Videoton play their home games at the new Pancho Arena in the village of Felcsut, which lies about 40 kilometres north-east of Szekesfehervar and a similar distance west of Budapest.

Tickets can be bought online, or at the stadium before the start of the match. Videoton don’t sell out a regular league match, but due to the limited capacity of the Pancho Arena it is advised to buy in advance for high-profile games.

Photos of Sostoi Stadion

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