Not known as one of the major football cities of the world, but Lima still boasts more than a third of Peru’s top flight teams and some of the most impressive and atmospheric stadiums of Latin America.


Lima Football – in numbers

No. of major clubs in Lima: 7

Average stadium capacity: 34,490
Largest stadium: Estadio Monumental “U”  (80,000)
Smallest stadium: Estadio Ivan Elias Moreno (13,000)

Inhabitants Greater Lima: 10.0 mln
Inhabitants per club: 1.43 mln
Inhabitants per stadium seat: 48.3

Estadio Monumental “U”

Club: Club Universitario Deportes | Opening: 2000 | Capacity: 80,000

Estadio Monumental U

Estadio Nacional del Peru

Club: — | Opening: 1952 | Capacity: 45,000 seats

Estadio Nacional

Estadio Alejandro Villanueva

Club: Alianza Lima | Opening: 1974 | Capacity: 33,938 seats

Estadio Alejandro Villanueva

Lima football – getting around

Unless you’re able to navigate the local bus system, taking a taxi is arguably the best way to get to most of the stadiums.

However, the newly opened Metropolitano fixed-lane bus system offers an alternative as it connects some of Lima’s most popular neighbourhoods with some of its major stadium, including Estadio Nacional, Estadio Alejandro Villanueva, and Estadio Alberto Gallardo.

Mind that some of the stadiums, including major ones like Alejandro Villanueva and Alberto Gallardo, are located in some of Lima’s rougher neighbourhoods so take care when moving around in the surroundings.

La “U” lies in the outskirts of Lima so take a taxi unless you don’t mind transferring buses a few times.

Estadio Ivan Elias Moreno can be reached by tram from, for example, stop Cabitos, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Metropolitano network map

Estadio Alberto Gallardo

Club: Sporting Cristal & Universidad San Martin | Opening: 1961 | Capacity: 18,000

Estadio Miguel Grau

Club: Sport Boys & Cantolao | Opening: 1996 | Capacity: 17,000

Estadio Miguel Grau

Estadio Iván Elías Moreno

Club: Deportivo Municipal | Opening: 2002 | Capacity: 13,773

Estadio Iván Elías Moreno

Lima football – eat, drink & sleep

Of all the stadiums, only Estadio Nacional lies in a relatively well-off area with hotels and restaurants around, though Estadio Alejandro Villanueva is at walking distance.

Still, there are much nicer areas in Lima to eat, drink, and stay in such as Miraflores or Barranco. Most major stadiums save for La “U” lie rather central so taking a taxi is easy or use the Metropolitano.