Russia has only just started revamping its stadiums, obviously spurred by the 2018 World Cup, though various new arenas have already opened in Moscow in recent years. Still, getting attendances up remains a problem. While a small core of fanatic fans keeps showing up and making noise, the larger public have thus far failed to make their way to the new arenas.

Adler (Sochi)--Fisht Olympic Stadium47,659
KaliningradFC BaltikaKaliningrad Stadium35,212
KazanRubin KazanKazan Arena45,000
KhimkiDynamo MoscowArena Khimki18,636
KrasnodarFC KrasnodarFC Krasnodar Stadium34,291
KrasnodarKuban KrasnodarStadion Kuban31,654
Makhachkala--Dinamo Stadium Makhachkala15,200
MoscowLokomotiv MoscowRZD Arena28,800
MoscowSpartak MoscowOtkritie Arena45,360
MoscowCSKA MoscowArena CSKA30,000
Moscow--Luzhniki Stadium81,006
Nizhny NovgorodFC OlimpiyetsNizhny Novgorod Stadium44,899
NovosibirskFC SibirSpartak Stadium12,500
Saint-Petersburg--Petrovsky Stadium21,500
Saint-PetersburgFC ZenitSaint Petersburg Stadium56,196
SamaraKrylia SovetovCosmos Arena44,198
SaranskMordovia SaranskMordovia Arena45,000
YekaterinburgFC UralEkaterinburg Arena45,000
VladikavkazSpartak VladikavkazStadion Spartak32,464
VolgogradRotor VolgogradVolgograd Arena45,000