One World Cup, several Copa Americas, many Libertadores matches, and some classic stadiums, including the legendary Estadio Nacional. Santiago de Chile is one of the major football hubs of the continent. And of course all with splendid Andes views.

Santiago de Chile Football – in numbers

No. of major clubs in Santiago: 9

Average stadium capacity: 19,599
Largest stadium: Estadio Nacional (48,665 seats)
Smallest stadium: Estadio lo Barnechea (2,500)

Inhabitants Greater Santiago: 6.2 mln
Inhabitants per club: 684,444
Inhabitants per stadium seat: 33.8

Estadio Nacional de Chile

Club: Universidad de Chile | Opening: 1938 | Capacity: 48,665 seats

Estadio Nacional de Chile, Santiago

Estadio Monumental David Arellano

Club: Colo-Colo | Opening: 1975 | Capacity: 47,000 seats

Estadio Monumental, Santiago

Estadio Santa Laura

Club: Union Espanola| Opening: 1923 | Capacity: 19,887 seats

Estadio Santa Laura, Santiago

Santiago football – getting around

Santiago has an extensive metro system that helps you get to all major stadiums, including Estadio Nacional and Estadio Monumental, avoiding having to navigate the local bus system. Though at times an additional 15-minute walk is required on top of the metro ride.

Just the smaller grounds on the outskirts of the city and Universidad Catolica’s San Carlos de Apoquindo cannot be reached by metro. Either take a taxi, or, if you’re more adventurous, a local bus.

Santiago metro map

Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo

Club: Universidad Catolica | Opening: 1988 | Capacity: 18,000

Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo, Santiago

Estadio Bicentenario de la Florida

Club: Audax Italiano | Opening: 1986 | Capacity: 11,637 seats

Estadio Municipal de la Cisterna

Club: Palestino | Opening: 1988 | Capacity: 6,000

Estadio Municipal de la Cisterna

Santiago football – eat, drink & sleep

None of Santiago’s major stadiums lie in one of its prime tourist hot-spots, though Estadio Nacional is located centrally enough for a few basic sleeping options at walking distance.

Still, as it’s easy to travel around Santiago by metro, you’ll likely enjoy your stay better staying in one of the more lively areas full of bars and restaurants in and around the historic centre and the more upscale Providencia neightbourhood.

Estadio Municipal San Bernardo

Club: Magallanes | Capacity: 3,500

Estadio Municipal San Bernardo

Estadio Municipal de La Pintana

Club: Santiago Morning | Opening: 1996 | Capacity: 6,000

Estadio de La Pintana

Estadio Municipal de Lo Barnechea

Club: Barnechea | Opening: 2015 | Capacity: 2,500

Estadio Lo Barnechea

Photo credits: alobos life, Carlos Figueroa, Ahmedd & Corsario CL