Sao Paulo boasts four of Brazil’s five most successful teams making it the undisputed football powerhouse of Brazil. While it lacks a centerpiece stadium like Rio’s Maracana, it makes it more than up in depth.

Sao Paulo Football – in numbers

No. of major clubs in Greater Sao Paulo: 6
No. of major clubs in Sao Paulo Extended Metro: 12

Average stadium capacity Greater Sao Paulo (excl. Pacaembu): 39,864
Largest stadium: Estadio do Morumbi (77,011)
Smallest stadium: Estadio Anacleto Campanella (16,744)

Inhabitants Greater Sao Paulo: 23.5 mln
Inhabitants per club: 3.9 mln
Inhabitants per stadium seat (excl. Pacaembu): 98

Greater Sao Paulo Stadiums

Estadio do Morumbi

Club: Sao Paulo | Opening: 1960 | Capacity: 77,011

Estadio do Morumbi

Arena Corinthians

Club: Corinthians| Opening: 2014 | Capacity: 48,000

Arena Corinthians

Allianz Parque

Club: Palmeiras| Opening: 2014 | Capacity: 43,600 seats

Allianz Parque

Sao Paulo football – getting around

Sao Paulo’s extensive metro system helps you get to pretty much all major stadiums with at most a 15-minute walk or short taxi ride on top. Just the Arena Barueri and Estadio Anacleto Campanella require a bit of a trek with a combination of train and 30-minute walk or taxi, though it’s perhaps more convenient to take a taxi all the way.

If you’re deciding to venture out of Sao Paulo, Santos is likely the first on your mind, though Campinas is an interesting destination as well. Both have regular bus service from Sao Paulo and all three stadiums are a short taxi ride away from the bus terminal.

Sao Paulo metro map
Sau Paulo metro map

Estadio do Pacaembu

Club: none| Opening: 1940 | Capacity: 40,199


Estadio do Caninde

Club: Portuguesa | Opening: 1956 | Capacity: 22,375 seats

Arena Barueri

Club: Oeste | Opening: 2007 | Capacity: 31,452 seats

Sao Paulo football – eat, drink & sleep

Most of Sao Paulo’s major stadiums lie in relatively well-off areas with the exception of the Arena Corinthians, though none in places with a lot of places to eat, drink, or stay.

You’ll therefore likely get more out of your stay if you’re staying in one of the popular areas around the Avenida Paulista and further south-west like Itaim Bibi and use a taxi or metro to get you to the match.

Estadio Anacleto Campanella

Club: Sao Caetano | Opening: 1955 | Capacity: 16,744

Estadio Anacleto Campanella

Sao Paulo Extended Metro Stadiums

Estadio Urbano Caldeira

Club: Santos | Opening: 1916 | Capacity: 15,800

Estadio Urbano Caldeira

Estadio Moises Lucarelli

Club: Ponte Preta | Opening: 1948 | Capacity: 19,728

Estadio Brinco de Ouro

Club: Guarani | Opening: 1953 | Capacity: 29,130

Estadio Nabi Abi Chedid

Club: Red Bull Bragantino | Opening: 1949 | Capacity: 13,212

Estadio Novelli Junior

Club: Ituano | Opening: 1947 | Capacity: 19,000

Estadio Municipal Walter Ribeiro

Club: Atletico Sorocoba | Opening: 1978 | Capacity: 13,722

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