Whereas only a few months ago it appeared that Chelsea was putting all its eggs in the basket of a new stadium at the Battersea Power Station site, it now appears that the club is still actively hunting for other West-London sites.

Focus of the club is a site at Earl’s Court located only a few hundred metres away from Stamford Bridge. The site is currently destined for a major redevelopment project that mainly involves housing developments, but yesterday it was revealed that Chelsea has appealed against the planning application and asked to consider the benefits of the construction of a new stadium including conference and exhibition spaces.

The first part of the project, a housing development at what is currently a car park at Seagrave Road, was approved by the Hammersmith & Fulham council yesterday, but there is still the main part of the project, which is the area where currently Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre stands.

It is unlikely that Chelsea will be able to alter the project plans though, as the main stakeholders are all committed to the current plans. But it does show that the club keeps actively searching for sites around West-London, which may be heartening for Chelsea fans that feel that the Battersea site is a little bit too much south for their liking.


Photo: © Flickr user Metro Centric
Featured photo: © A. Brady via en.wikipedia.