Tanzania National Stadium

Key facts

Clubs: Simba SC & Young Africans | Opening: 2007 | Capacity: 60,000 seats

History and description

Tanzania National Stadium, also known as Benjamin Mkapa Stadium, opened in 2007. First plans for the construction of a new national stadium had been made in the early 2000s, but seemed to stall due to a lack of funding and pressure of the World Bank and IMF to not embark on a costly project amid tough economic conditions.

However, China stepped in and offered to partially finance the stadium as part of their stadium diplomacy program. The stadium got built next to Uhuru Stadium, Tanzania’s previous national stadium.

Tanzania National Stadium hosted its first events in 2007, though it took until 2009 for it to be officially inaugurated.

The stadium is the home of Tanzanian top sides Simba and Young Africans, though they might divert to smaller grounds or Uhuru Stadium for some fixtures, while other Dar es Salaam teams might use the National Stadium for top fixtures.

How to get to Tanzania National Stadium

Tanzania National Stadium is located in the Temeke area in the south of Dar es Salaam, about 5 kilometres south of Dar’s city centre.

Either take a taxi or inquire locally about daladala (mini-van) routes that pass the stadium.

Address: Taifa Rd, Dar es Salaam

Young Africans Tickets

Young Africans tickets tend to cost TSH 3,000 for a regular ticket, or TSH 5,000 or TSH 10,000 for a VIP ticket.

Photos of Tanzania National Stadium

Useful websites

Simbasports.co.tz – Official website of Simba SC.
– Official website of Young Africans SC.