Stadio di Palermo

Key facts

Club: Palermo Calcio | Capacity: 35,000 seats | Scheduled opening: n/a | Status: proposed


Stadio di Palermo is a proposed new stadium for Palermo Calcio. It got presented in 2011 by its main advocate, Palermo chairman Zaparini, who had been toying with the idea of building a new stadium for years.

The stadium will conform with all UEFA requirements and have a capacity of 35,000 seats, all covered. It will furthermore house several leisure facilities such as a cinema, gym, bar, wellness centre, and retail activities focused on sports.

Palermo intend to build the new stadium at the site of the Velodromo Borsellino, which lies about 2.5 kilometres further north from where Palermo’s current stadium Renzo Barbera is situated (which is already toward the north of the city).

Zaparini has claimed that funding is already in place, and, as the stadium will be constructed from prefabricated materials, it could be built in only 6 months.

However, since 2012 little progress has been made on getting the project off the ground, though up to date (early 2017) the club is still hoping to get it realised.