Stadionul Giulesti-Valentin Stanescu

Key facts

Club: AFC Rapid Bucuresti | Opening: 1939 | Capacity: 19,100 seats

History and description

Stadionul Giulesti-Valentin Stanescu officially opened on the 10th of June 1939. It quickly earned itself the nickname “Portcoava”, or “Horseshoe”, because one end had been left open.

The stadium remained mostly the same until the mid 1980s when a makeshift stand was placed at the open end. Ten years later, the end was closed with a proper concrete stand.

Stadionul Giulesti was further refurbished in 2003, which included the removal of the iron perimeter fencing, a new pitch and drainage system, and improved VIP facilities.

In 2016, Rapid Bucharest went bankrupt and restarted as AFC Rapid in the Romanian 5th division, though they have kept playing at Giulesti. There are currently plans to refurbish the stadium so that it can be used as a training facility during Euro 2020.

How to get to Stadionul Giulesti

Stadionul Giulesti-Valentin Stansecu is located toward the north-west of the city of Bucharest at just over 2 kilometres from the main railway station (Gara de Nord) and 4 kilometres from Bucharest’s city centre.

The stadium lies adjacent to the railway tracks that further south end up at Gara de Nord. The walk from the station to the stadium takes about half an hour.

Two metro stations lie in the vicinity of the stadium. Station Crângaşi is on the yellow line M1, which can be caught in the city centre and Gara de Nord. Station Griviţa‎ is one the green line M4. From both stations its is 10 to 15 minutes walking to the stadium.

Bus 178 is an alternative that can be caught from the back of the National Museum of Art (Str. Stirbei Voda). Get off at stop Pasaj Grant. Bus 163 can be caught from Piaţa Rosetti. Again get off at Pasaj Grant.

From the western and southern parts of the city the stadium can also be reached with tram 11.

Address: Calea Giulesti 18, Bucuresti

AFC Rapid Tickets

AFC Rapid matches can be bought online through eventim, or at the ticket windows of Stadionul Giulesti, in advance as well as on the day of the match.

Tickets cost RON 15.00 or RON 20.00 for a seat at the main stand and RON 5.00 for all other stands.

Photos of Stadionul Giulesti

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