The Stadium Guide has been around for over a decade now and has grown from an obscure geocities page to one of the leading websites that cover the world of football stadiums.

It has primarily been a one-man job, fuelled by a passion for football stadiums and worked on enthusiastically in the time left free by studies and work. Which also meant that when other responsibilities started to grow, it found itself with increasing lack of attention and large periods of inactivity.

This changed in late 2011 when personal circumstances (and WordPress) created the opportunity to completely redesign the site, update all information, and do exciting new things.

These exciting new things mainly consist of focusing on stadium news, do some data analysis, and write the occasional background article. We are by no means great writers nor professional journalists, but enjoy doing research, working with numbers, and write articles we hope people enjoy.

We have currently thousands of people from all over the world visiting us every day, which keeps us motivated to provide new and unique content.

While money has never been a prime motivation in operating the site, it is, of course, nice to see a reward for the work we put into it. It might also affect how much time we spend on it in the future, so if you enjoy our site, we would obviously be grateful if you click on the odd advertisement that attracts your interest.

We also cannot stress enough how important it is to receive feedback, and though we love positive feedback, we are also very interested to hear how we can improve the site even further. You can find our many contact options here.