Ion Oblemenco

Key facts

Club: CS Universitatea Craiova | Capacity: 30,944 | Scheduled opening: 2017 | Status: under construction


Noul Stadion Ion Oblemenco is the currently under construction new stadium of Universitatea Craiova. The stadium is getting built in place of the old Ion Oblemenco, which was an open bowl with athletics track and didn’t meet the standards of modern time.

Demolition of the old stadium started in early 2015, and construction of the new one started in the summer of the same year.

The new stadium was initially scheduled to open in December 2016, but delays first pushed this back to early 2017 and then to the summer of 2017, though there are doubts whether this deadline will be made.

Noul Stadion Ion Oblemenco will have a capacity of a little over 30,000 spectators, which is scaled back from an earlier 40,000 places. The stadium comes at a cost of €50 million.

Images of Noul Stadion Ion Oblemenco