Stadion Dan Paltinisanu

Key facts

Club: ASC Poli Timisoara | Opening: 1963 | Capacity: 32,821 seats

History and description

Stadion Dan Păltinișanu, initially called Stadion 1 Mai, officially opened on 1 May 1963.

Originally the stadium could hold about 40,000 spectators, which got reduced in the 2000s when new seats were installed instead of the benches. Over the years, the stadium only received minor refurbishments.

In 1996, the stadium got renamed Stadion Dan Paltinisanu following the death of Timisoara’s iconic defender Dan Paltinisanu.

How to get to Stadion Dan Paltinisanu

Stadion Dan Paltinisanu is located in the south of the city of Timisoara at about 2 kilometres from Timisoara’s historic centre. The distance from Timisoara’s main railway station, Gara de Nord, which is located west of the historic centre, is about 3.5 kilometres.

It takes about 25 minutes to walk to the stadium from Timisoara’s historic centre, or take tram 6 from Libertati Square. Tram 6 is a circular route so can be taken in either direction. Get off at stop Olimpia.

From the main railway station, get tram 8 or 9. If you take tram 8, get off at stop Olimpia, if tram 9, get off at Spitalul Judetean. Tram 8 is quickest and takes about 12 minutes to get to the stadium.

Address: Strada Arieș nr.1, Timișoara

Poli Timisoara Tickets

Tickets for Poli Timisoara games can be bought at the ticket office at the stadium in the week before the match, or at the ticket booths of the stadium on the day of the match. Poli rarely sell out.

Expect to pay from RON 15.00 for a seat behind the goal to RON 30.00 for a seat at the main stand.

Photos of Stadion Dan Paltinisanu

Useful websites – Official website of ASC Poli Timisoara