Otkritie Arena

Key facts

Club: FC Spartak Moscow | Capacity: 43,000 seats | Scheduled opening: 2014 | Status: under construction


Otkritie Arena is the currently under construction new stadium of FC Spartak Moscow.

Spartak has been looking to build a new stadium from as early as the mid 1990s. In its history the club has never had its own stadium, using various stadiums around Moscow and currently playing at the Luzhniki.

Earlier plans never got realised and the current project only became concrete in 2005 after the club acquired a site at the Tushino Airfield grounds in the far north-west of Moscow, about 15 kilometres from the city centre.

Few progress was made in the years after, however, until the financial crisis broke out in 2008 and led to significantly reduced construction costs, which in turn made getting funding easier.

Construction of the stadium finally started in July 2010. By early 2013 most of the main body of the stadium had been completed, after which works were planned to continue on the roof.

The stadium is expected to be completed by the end of 2013, with the first match to be played at the stadium in February 2014.

Initial plans went for a stadium with about 35,000 seats, but this was later revised upwards to 43,000 with an eye on the upcoming 2018 World Cup. Otkritie Arena got subsequently confirmed as the second Moscow playing venue besides Luzhniki Stadium, beating Dynamo’s VTB Arena for the spot.

The stadium comes accompanied with an indoor arena being able to accommodate about 12,000 people. FC Spartak also plans to include a club museum in the new stadium.

In February 2013, Spartak announced a naming rights deal with local bank Otkritie, resulting in the name Otkritie Arena.