We try hard to provide you with the most beautiful photos of every stadium. For this, we rely on different resources:

  • Our own material, accompanied with ¬©stadiumguide.com, and available under a CC 3.0 BY license.
  • Material that has been published under a sharing license, or has been released into the public domain.
  • Material that we have been given the rights to use.

As the first two categories have their limitations, we therefore greatly appreciate any material which you will allow us to publish. However, please bear a few things in mind:

  • You either must be the rightsholder of the photos, or have been given permission by the rightsholder to send us the photos. We take great care in not violating any copyrights.
  • If the photos you send us have been published under a sharing license, please include the link to the original source.
  • We preferably receive photos of at least a 800×600 resolution, and preferably as pure as possible, which means not edited, reduced in quality for the Internet, etc. (scanned in photos from past stadiums are an obvious exception).
  • You can send photos of empty stadiums as well as stadiums filled with a crowd.

When you send us your photos, we will make sure to credit them with your name, website, or however you would like us to credit them.

When you send us your photos, you give us the right to use these photos for display on the individual stadium pages, as well as in news items, blog posts or other future posts on our website, or to use them as featured images, in any future newsletters, or any other use restricted to our domain. You will also give us the right to edit any photos.

We will however not use your photos outside stadiumguide.com, nor use your photos for any direct commercial purposes. If any party wants to pay for a license of the photo, we will refer them to you.

You can use the below form to upload your photos, send them to hello[at]stadiumguide[dot]com, or post them on our Facebook page.

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