Following the pitch controversy after last week’s Champions League match between Milan and Barcelona, Milan chairman Galliani has confirmed that the club is looking into the options of changing the stadium’s natural pitch for a hybrid one with a synthetic base and natural top.

The club hopes to soon reach an agreement with Internazionale, the other tenant of the stadium, after which the pitch could be laid in only two months during the summer period. Inter is reported to have responded positively to Galliani’s plans.

San Siro has been struggling with its pitch for years, with less than optimal growing conditions due to the steep stands, large roof, and weekly use of the pitch by both Milan clubs. This has led to many pitch changes over the years, however with few improvements.

The problems came to the forefront after the match against Barcelona, when the Spanish players and manager Guardiola blamed their draw on the awful state of the pitch. Galliani, however, did not agree with the complaints as he stated that the pitch was approved by both referee and UEFA delegates, and that the visitors had trained on the pitch the night before without raising any objections.