Fulham FC has revealed further information about their plans to develop Craven Cottage, including some new drawings of the proposed Riverside Stand.

The club has a long-standing desire to increase capacity and modernise 105-year-old Craven Cottage and has in the past even looked at building a new stadium at a different site. However, settled now on redeveloping the current stadium, the club has taken concrete steps in the last few months to make this reality.

The plans include an increase of the stadium’s capacity to a total of 30,000 seats, mainly established by rebuilding the Riverside Stand. Further aspects of the plan include integration of floodlights in the new stand, and the opening up of the riverside walk for the public, including on non-matchdays. The club aims to design the new stand in proportion to the rest of the stadium, the adjoining trees, and have it mirror the bend in the river.

No concrete timeline has been provided yet, but the club has started consultations with its fans, neighbours and local interest groups, and has sent its plans to the local government for a first assessment, though no concrete planning permissions have been applied for yet. The club intends to keep playing at the ground during the renovation works.


Images: © Fulhamfcstadium.com