Key facts

Club: Eintracht Braunschweig | Opening: 1923 | Capacity: 23,325 (10,675 standing)

History and description

Eintracht-Stadion got built in 1923 when Eintracht was in need of a larger replacement for a ground they occupied on the Helmstedter Straße.

The stadium officially opened on the 17th of June 1923 with a friendly between Eintracht and FC Nürnberg (1-10). The main stand got completed one year later, after which the stadium could hold 24,000 spectators.

Eintracht-Stadion got almost completely rebuilt after the Second World War and could then hold 30,000 people. In 1955 it hosted the DFB-Cup final between Karlsruher and Schalke 04. It got further expanded to a capacity of 40,000 when Eintracht promoted to the Bundesliga in 1963.

In the 1970s, Eintracht-Stadion received additional cover and in 1979 was started with the construction of a new main stand that was to replace the old wooden main stand. Spiralling construction costs and relegation to the 2. Bundesliga however almost resulted in the bankruptcy of the club.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Eintracht-Stadion slowly fell into disrepair and the southern curve was closed for the public and got slowly overgrown with bushes and trees.

Renovation works finally started in 1995 and included the construction of a new south curve, conversion of standing areas into seating, and new floodlights.

Works continued in the late 2000s with the construction of a new covered north curve, and finally in 2013 the refurbishment of the main stand, mainly aimed at adding and improving hospitality facilities.

How to get to Eintracht-Stadion

Eintracht-Stadion is located in the north of Brunswick (Braunschweig) at just over 2 kilometres from the city’s old town. The main railway station, which lies south of the old town, is about 5 kilometres away.

The stadium can be reached with tram M1 or tram M2. Both can be caught from the main railway station or Rathaus or Hagenmarkt in the old town. Get off at stop Stadion if taking the M1, or at stop Gesundheitsamt if taking the M2. It is a 17-minute journey from the railway station and only 10 minutes from the old town.

Address: Hamburger Straße 210, 38112 Braunschweig

Eintracht Braunschweig Tickets

Tickets for Eintracht matches can be bought online, by phone +49 (0) 1805 121895, or at one of the many sales outlets.

Sales outlets include the club office at Eintracht-Stadion and the Eintracht club shop at the Ritterbrunnen 7 in Brunswick’s old town.

Due to Eintracht’s recent successes attendances have shot up and remained high after their return to the 2. Bundesliga. While most matches won’t sell out and tickets can still be bought on the day on the gate, it is advised to buy tickets in advance for the high-profile matches.

Ticket prices range from €22.00 for a seat at the curve to €31.00 for a seat at the main stand. Standing costs €14.00. Tickets are €1.00 cheaper if bought in advance.

You can find a seating plan here.

Photos of Eintracht-Stadion

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