Cosmos Arena Samara

Key facts

Club: Krylia Sovetov | Capacity: 44,198 seats | Scheduled opening: 2017 | Status: under construction


The Cosmos Arena, also known as Samara Arena, is the currently under construction new home of Krylia Sovetov. The stadium is being built with the purpose of being one of the playing venues of the 2018 World Cup.

First plans for the new stadium were made around 2010, which became concrete when in 2012 the city of Samara got selected as one of the host cities of the World Cup. Works started in the middle of 2014, and by the summer of 2016 most of the first tier had been erected and works had started on constructing the steel roof structure. The stadium is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

The most characteristic aspect of the Cosmos Arena is its 65.5 metres high dome roof, which is made up out of 32 panels. The arena will boast just under 45,000 seats, which will be divided over two tiers. The project is expected to come at a cost of $370 mln.

The Cosmos Arena was initially planned to be built on the tip of a peninsula where the Samara and Volga rivers meet, however was moved to a site north of the city due to a lack of infrastructure. The new site sits just north of the city at roughly 15 kilometres from the city centre.

During the World Cup, the Cosmos Arena is scheduled to host four first round group matches, one round of 16 match, and one quarter-final. The arena will furthermore become the new home of local side Krylia Sovetov, replacing their current Metallurg Stadium.

Images of the Cosmos Arena