Key facts

Club: FC Karpaty Lviv | Opening: 2011 | Capacity: 34,915 seats

History and description

The Arena Lviv was built to serve as a playing venue for the Euro 2012 Championships. Construction started in 2008 and was completed late 2011 at a total cost of UAH 2.29 billion.

The Arena Lviv officially opened on the 29th of October 2011 with a theatre show. The first match was played about two weeks later, which was a friendly between the Ukrainian and Austrian national teams (2-1).

During the Euro 2012 tournament three group matches were played at the stadium.

Getting there

The Arena Lviv lies in the far south of the city of Lviv, just outside the city limits at about 8 kilometres of Lviv’s city centre and about 10 kilometres from the central rail station (which lies south-west of the centre).

The stadium lies near the crossing of the M10 and M06, and can thus be easily reached by car. The M06 connects with Lviv city centre in almost a straight line.

By public transport one can take trolleybus 5 from the city centre. Take the bus from Shota Rustaveli Street in the southern part of the city centre. The bus will go to the central bus terminal, which is almost next-door to the Arena Lviv.

Trolleybus 3 connects the stadium directly with the airport.


FC Karpaty started the 2012-13 season playing their home matches at the old Ukrayina Stadium, and it is currently unclear whether they will revert back to the Arena Lviv.

It may be wise to inform at one of the Karpaty Fanat stores in Lviv’s city centre (3 Voronoha Street or 31 Ivana Franka Street) about current arrangements.

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