Weekly attendance facts

7 August 2012 by

Last week, we started with our series of random attendance facts. Here is the second round of attendance facts that relate to last weekend: The US Major League Soccer is rather egalitarian if it comes to attendances. However, one club jumps out with an average almost twice the level of […]

Weekly attendance facts

31 July 2012 by

It is the end of July, and it won’t take long before Europe’s major leagues will kick off. In the meantime, some smaller leagues have already done so, and other leagues across the globe are already well under way. This season, we will again meticulously keep track of the […]

Making changes

19 June 2012 by

Since we launched our new design in January we have added a lot of content to the site. While we were initially forced to scale back the number of stadiums in our database to a mere 100, these have in the meantime been increased to over 350 again. We have […]

Weekly Attendance Report

25 April 2012 by

This attendance report will be the next-to-last of the season. After all, there are only a few more matches to play in most major leagues. We will then dedicate a few articles to some in-depth analyses of the attendances around Europe this season. But first, let’s have a look at […]

Weekly Attendance Report

13 April 2012 by

This week’s attendance report has come out slightly later than normal as we decided to include both the weekend’s and the mid-week’s playing. We’ve also decided to make the attendance report a biweekly feature (i.e. once every two weeks), which means that the next one come out in a week-and-a-half. […]

Your Guide to the Cup Finals

6 April 2012 by

It’s almost that time of the season again. The end is nearing which also means that Europe’s domestic cup competitions are coming to a conclusion. Belgian’s cup final has already been played and this weekend it’s the turn of the Dutch. Though other tournaments are still in the semi-final or […]

Weekly Attendance Report

2 April 2012 by

From now on we will provide you every Monday evening with a report of the attendances of Europe’s major leagues (and soon the Major League Soccer). This report will generally be published on Monday evening, depending on what matches are still to be played. Here’s our first, discussing this weekend’s […]

We present our first stadium timeline

14 March 2012 by

It’s not a fancy as Facebook’s, but will undoubtedly make for nice browsing. Our first timeline lists the openings of most of the stadiums in our database in chronological order. Starting in 1855 with Bramall Lane, it runs all the way down to 2012 with Stadion Narodowy w Warszawie. […]

Your Guide to the Europa League Stadiums

8 March 2012 by

With another round of Europa League action kicking off tonight, we present you all Europa League stadiums in a handy table. From the massive Old Trafford to the modest AFAS Stadion. From the famous Mestalla to the (still) lesser known Metalist Stadium. This week’s matches: Sporting CP 19:00 Manchester City […]

Your Stadium Requests

3 February 2012 by

In the last few weeks we have increased our stadium database with another 70+ stadiums, and I think we can freely argue that Europe’s most important stadiums are now included (though admittedly there are still quite a few countries missing). That’s why we are now ready to start including smaller […]

Welcome to Our New Site!

6 January 2012 by

We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve done, which basically means a complete overhaul of the site. Because the old one looked like 2002, and had not been updated for way too long of a time. So, to get started, let’s sum the basic changes […]

A Peek into Our Database

3 January 2012 by

With our new design live in a few days, let’s have a look at the current status of our database. So far we’ve entered the details of a total of 109 stadiums. Of these, 94 fall into the present stadiums category. England is the country with the most entries, 18 […]