Toulouse scales down stadium redevelopment

24 July 2012 by

More bad news for UEFA and the Euro 2016 organising committee. After earlier Nancy and Lens dropped out as Euro 2016 host cities, there is now trouble in Toulouse, where the renovation budget for Stadium de Toulouse has been cut back significantly. The original plans, budgeted at €67 million, envisaged […]

Udinese presents Friuli redevelopment plans

23 July 2012 by

Udinese have today unveiled their plans for the redevelopment of Stadio Friuli. The north-Italian club has long worked towards turning Friuli into a modern arena, but only last week broke through the bureaucracy that had previously stalled their plans. This breakthrough was […]

Bristol Rovers new stadium plans approved

20 July 2012 by

Bristol Rovers received good news on Thursday when their plans for the construction of a new stadium got approved by the South Gloucestershire Council. Councillors voted 12-1 in favour of the proposed 21,700-seater. In a reaction the Rovers called the decision “fantastic news for Gasheads everywhere who were glued to […]

Kickers Offenbach kick off in new arena

19 July 2012 by

Last week it was Le Havre that opened a brand new arena. This week it is the turn of German side Kickers Offenbach to celebrate the completion of their new Sparda-Bank-Hessen-Stadion. The occasion was highlighted by a friendly match between Kickers Offenbach and […]

Monthly construction update (July 2012)

16 July 2012 by

It has been a while since we gave you the latest update on the progress of the stadiums that are currently under construction, so here is our heads up for the month of July. We start with a bang, because the below photo is of Grand Stade Lille Métropole, which is set to open on the 18th of […]

Le Havre opens new Stade Océane

13 July 2012 by

It is summer break, which is traditionally the period of the year when several clubs schedule to open a new stadium. After all, starting the season in a fresh new stadium surely beats opening your shiny arena on a dark autumn day in November. While we’ve […]

Bielsko-Biała can build a new stadium

10 July 2012 by

Polish side Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała can soon start the construction of their planned new stadium. This is the result of an agreement that was reached between local residents and city officials. The city has already approved the project, but a group of residents afraid of the nuisance the much-larger new stadium […]

Cardiff and Tblisi awarded Super Cup finals

6 July 2012 by

The 2014 UEFA Super Cup, the match that pits the Champions League winner against the Europa League winner, will be played at Cardiff’s Cardiff City Stadium, whereas the 2015 edition will be hosted by the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium in Tblisi, Georgia. This was decided by the UEFA Executive Committee during […]

No Euro 2016 for Lens after Fellix-Bollaert renovation gets cancelled

6 July 2012 by

Lens’ Stade Felix-Bollaert will not get renovated for the Euro 2016 tournament, writes French newspaper L’Equipe. According to Daniel Percheron, president of the regional council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, negotiations between the local governments, RC Lens, and the club’s majority shareholder […]

Completion of Nuevo Mestalla another step closer

4 July 2012 by

Nuevo Mestalla has come another step closer to completion after the Valencia city government approved of the “Valencia Dinamiza” project. The Valencia Dinamiza project involves a direct investment of €626 million to stimulate the local economy and job growth by means of completing Nuevo Mestalla, and […]

Brentford plan for new stadium

2 July 2012 by

Brentford have taken concrete steps to a new stadium after buying a piece of land on Lionel Road last week. The club has been pursuing a new home for years, but failed in previous attempts mostly due to a lack of funding. The last concrete plans were abandoned in 2010 […]

Chelsea reveal images of failed Battersea project

26 June 2012 by

While their bid for the Battersea Station site has already failed, Chelsea has decided to still release the images of the plans they had for their new stadium. The images appear at Chelsea’s official website accompanied by a statement, which includes the following with regards to […]