Swansea City has confirmed that it will soon apply for planning permission to increase the capacity of the Liberty Stadium to 30,000 seats. Speculation of such move had already lingered since the club got promoted to the Premier League last summer, but chairman Huw Jenkins has now confirmed that the club hopes to submit the application within the next two months.

Liberty Stadium is currently the second smallest stadium in the Premier League with a capacity of 20,520 seats, of which only 2,000 get on general sale every other weekend.

A capacity of 30,000 would put the stadium in 13th place ranked by capacity in a league of 20 teams, and the increased income would allow the club to more effectively compete for long-term survival.

A condition for a stadium expansion had always been the club that the secured a second season in the Premier League, something that recent performances have all but assured.

In February the club appealed against the decision of the city council to approve the construction of a McDonalds restaurant at the stadium site, which according to the club could hamper possible expansion plans.


Photos: © Lisa Higgins