Catania chairman Pulvirenti has announced the club’s plans for the construction of a new stadium. At a press conference that was planned for the upcoming Juventus-Catania fixture, the chairman took the word and announced that the club has started a process that should result in a new stadium in a few years time.

Catania is currently playing at Stadio Angelo Massimino, which has long been outdated, and does not meet modern requirements. It’s athletics tracks have furthermore been a source of dissatisfaction since the 1960s.

A site has already been selected in the suburb of Librino, in the far south-west of the city. The club is still working on the technical details, though is aiming at a capacity of 35,000, with all seats covered. No visual renders have been presented yet.

The project will have a total budget of €100 million. Pulvirenti will have a meeting with delegates from the province on Monday, and further meetings are planned with the local city council. The chairman expects to have the final plans ready in six months.

A few months ago other Sicily club Palermo also announced their plans for a new stadium, and Sardinia club Cagliari is in an advanced stage of planning a new arena as well, though at the same time also struggling with the local bureaucracy.


Photos: © Flickr user Leandro Neumann Ciuffo